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17 March 2014

As it Happens...

I'm working on a greenish quilt today for a friend.  :)

23 February 2014

Two Name Quilt

Beth built this beautiful top and asked me to quilt it.  She says wall hanging, so  I felt free to bling it with a silver metallic thread which isn't super obvious in the photos.  The quilt isn't mine to name, but if it were, the front would be called early spring rain in my garden, and the back...

would be called sprinkler day.

Not that I'm longing for warmer weather.  It's already in the 70's around here during the day and all the trees are starting to bud.  Click the pictures for a better view of the quilting.

18 February 2014

Superheroes and Automata

These darling robot and circuit board prints came from Connecting Threads, but they've been sold out for some time.  I picked up a fat quarter pack of them when they went on sale and combined them with some greys that had been ripening in my stash for a while in a super easy pattern, the inspiration for which I found here a few years ago.

I've been putting quite a bit of effort into using up what I have before buying something new, but finding the right back for this quilt took some doing.  It turns out it was sitting right there in my stash all along and I just wasn't thinking about it right.  What goes better with robots than superheroes?

Lucky for me there was that splash of blue in the fat quarters and of course lots of excellent orange.  I quilted with straight lines and used up all the odd bits of blues and turquoise bobbin threads that were sitting around from previous projects.  It adds a little character to the back.  Holy Warm and Cozy Quilt, Batman!

26 January 2014

The Pot Shop

It's an adorable casserole pot, but the most amazing thing about it is that my buddy Beth makes stuff this gorgeous ALL THE TIME.

23 January 2014

CQQ Part 4

I've got your turquoise, right here!

20 January 2014

CQQ Part Three

Shiny bling is really hard to photograph!  Here's a bit of it.

19 January 2014

CQQ Part Two

You won't really be able to see that color unless you click the picture for the zoom...What's that?  Not as much bling as you thought there'd be?  Just wait, there's more.

18 January 2014

Quilting for the Color Queen

I asked her if it would be ok to add some metallic copper thread, just a little.  She said, "Oh yah.  Please add some bling.  Got any turquoise?"

This is SO my kind of customer!

Stay tuned...

16 January 2014

Cheap Jelly Roll

I found two jelly rolls at a discount store recently.  They were priced so low I couldn't just leave them there.  Not the finest quality Quilte Shoppe cottons, but still usable.    Sometimes it's nice to make something simple be as perfect as you can get it, so all the corners are as accurately pieced as I could manage.

A few flowers were quilted randomly over the top and then wavy diagonal lines through all the points.


The back was made big enough to roll the edge over for a binding.

Paired with some plain white, they made the world's easiest quilt look modern.

Because these prints weren't first quality, the quilt might not last more than ten or twenty years, but it will be cosy and warm just like any other quilt and it was fun to make something this carefree and easy.

24 December 2013

Merry Christmas to All

...and to All a Good Night.

18 December 2013

It's a Friend Thing

She said she'd wear whatever I knitted for her.  (evil grin)

It's super soft, very warm, and looks way less like a mare's nest when it's on someone's head.  I hope.

14 December 2013

Winter Quilting Goodness

It doesn't matter how many things go wrong with the new washing machine I'm installing downstairs.

Quilting makes me happy.  :)

13 December 2013

Sheer Blind Luck

Sometimes the most beautiful things can be found right there in your morning coffee.

03 December 2013

Throw in a Weekend

My long weekend had to spill over into yesterday to get this quilt finished up, but here it is!  I quilted a meander that looks a bit like snowballs in the white columns and very simplified snowflakes in the colored columns.


There was so much fabric left over, I'll have to do something else entirely with it, but I did want to use some of the leftovers for random blocks on the back.  The block placement isn't quite what I was shooting for, but it's close enough.  This quilt will just sit on the rocking chair in my living room during the winter months emitting coziness vibes.


The center block on the back is just a fussy cut from one of the cute prints with white crazy piecing to make it square.  

Here's a shot of the "snowstorm" on the back...

 And I just love the riot of color that ended up on the edge.  There were a bunch of two and a quarter inch cutoffs left so they got sewed together end to end for the binding.

28 November 2013

Thanksgiving Top Done

I just finished turning these

into this.  :)

Now for a quick back with the leftovers.